Senior Debt

The primary advantages of a bridging loan over conventional lending lie in its rapid processing and adaptability. AssetStone provides both first charge and second charge bridging loans tailored for investment or business objectives

Our company provides first charge and second charge bridging loans tailored for investment or business endeavors. We assess all credit histories, accommodating borrowers with CCJs and past arrears. We prioritise the evaluation of the property and your prospective objectives.

Product Features

Up to 75% LTV (Gross) 








Our process

Step 1

The Enquiry

Get started on your bridge loan by calling our office, emailing us, completing the online form to request information, or asking for an expert to contact you when it’s convenient to discuss your real estate financing needs.

Step 2

The Offer

Once we receive your information, our experts will promptly assess if your needs align with our bridge loan criteria. If so, we can typically provide an Offer in Principle (OIP) within 2 business hours for you to review. 

Step 3

The Valuation

Once we have received your signed OIP, we will appoint an accredited RICs surveyor to assess the properties being used as collateral for the bridge loan financing. Our panel of trusted surveyors can typically complete a comprehensive valuation report within 72 business hours

Step 4

The Solicitors

Upon receiving an acceptable property valuation report supporting the financing terms, we will provide our Checklist of Requirements to your solicitor outlining necessary legal documentation and items confirming ID and ownership validation. 

Step 5

Funds released

After our solicitor has received all necessary replies and supporting documentation, we swiftly move forward! Within 24 hours of obtaining the title report, we promptly coordinate the release of funds to your solicitor for seamless transaction completion.